Richard Burdick's I Ching Music

Richard Burdick

Richard O. Burdick (B. April 27, 1961) a Canadian / American composer and French hornist.

1) Life

Richard Oscar Burdick was born in Berkeley California in 1961. His father Rev. Oscar Burdick worked as a librarian for Pacific School of Religion and still plays organ for Arlington Community Church, the Seventh Day Baptist Church and Pacific School of Religion.

Richard Grew up in El Cerrito California, attending El Cerrito High School from 1975 to 1978. He was then a composition major at California State University @ Hayward from 1978-1981, where he studied with Robert Basart and Glen Glasow.

From 1981 to 1984 He presented over 20 concerts creating the “Circle Concert” concert series. A number of his early compositions premiered on that series including Richardʼs First Chamber Symphony. He also presented a few other groups such as a harpsichord recital by Jean Nandi (the daughter of Alan Hovhaness), a Celtic music ensemble and The Kings Trumpets and Shawms. A free publication: “Circle Magazine” with music writings and art, was given out at those concerts.

Mr. Burdick Managed Trinity Chamber Concerts a chamber music series in Berkeley, from 1984-2003 producing over 400 concerts during his tenure. At least 30 of his compositions premiered on the Trinity Chamber Concert series.

He worked full-time as fourth Horn of Sacramento Symphony from 1990-1996 for whom he wrote a few arrangements.

In 1996 & 7 he again established the non-profit corporation “Circle Concerts” where he helped to present almost 70 concerts in communities around Northern California. Under this series he performed solo concerts in Chico, Davis, Napa, Sacramento, and more.

He has been principle horn of Regina Symphony in Regina, Saskatchewan since 2003.

Richard Burdick wrote a number of compositions in the 1970's in an experimental graphic form greatly influenced by the Dutch composer Ton Brynel. Starting in the early 1980's Richard has been working on compositions mostly based on the 64 scales inspired by the the I Ching which he has developed. Like the scales of Northern India, the trigrams (each of three lines suggesting half and wholes steps) are separated by a perfect fifth. His first version of these scales did not have the separation of the fifth. The third (and current) version of his scales keeps the fifth separation, but is overlaid upon the harmonic series, so each scale has its own key based on the harmonics from 64 to 128. These current scales could be categorized as “microtonal” but in reality they are equal-non-tempered scales.

2) Noted performances

As a horn soloist Richard has performed concerti with:
Berkeley Youth Orchestra, Young Peopleʼs Symphony Orchestra, Kensington Symphony , Oakland Philharmonic, Oakland Municipal Band, American River College Band, Bay Area Concerto Collective. Orchestra De Caccia in San Francisco, Regina Symphony Orchestra & the Cosbey Friends Orchestra.

Recitals for:
Cal State University in Hayward, Circle Concerts, City of Berkeley California, City of Davis California, Coffee Mill in Oakland, Conservatory of Music Regina, Covell Gardens In Davis, Davis Arts Center, First Christian Church in Oakland, First Unitarian Church of Berkeley, Martinez Music Forum, Ohlone College in Hayward, Old First Concert San Francisco , Palo Alto Performances , Pence Gallery in Davis, Rossmore California, Quincy California, San Francisco State University, Shared Visions, St. Maryʼs Cathedral San Francisco. Trinity Chamber Concerts , Unitarian Church of Davis, University of Regina Faculty Concert(s), Westlake Christian Terrace in Oakland and more.

Premiered (in Concert or premiere recording) horn solo or chamber music by: "Elaine L. Bearer", Aaron Blumenfeld, L. F. Dauprat, Ken Durling, Victor Herbert, Jon Ward, John Webber, and others

3) Works

See: for a full list of compositions

4) Recordings

CD35 - Twenty-Two Trios for Horns, Op. 156
CD34 - Natural Horn Music FOUND
CD33 - More than 64 Quartets for horns based on the I Ching
CD32 - American Horn Music of the 40's & 50's
CD31 - Grand Music of J. F. Gallay, volume 2
CD30 - Grand Music of J. F. Gallay, volume 1
CD29 - Astral Waves & Phosphor
CD27a - Richard O. Burdick - Castelnuovo-Tedesco's horn quartet
CD27 - Anton Reicha Trios Op. 82 & 93 complete
CD26 - Accuracy Studies fFor the French horn student
CD25a - Bach Cantata BWV 132 No. 1
CD25 - Nice Notes
CD24 - Duets, opus 132 complete in the "one take" version
CD23 - More than 64 solos for Horn, Op. 139
CD22 – Naderman’s Music for Horn and Harp
CD21 - Beyond Favorites
CD20 - Classical Gas
CD19a - Dauprat's trios opus 26
CD19 -  Dauprat's Grand Music for horns
CD18 - Louis-Francois Dauprat Duos for Horns, Opus 13 vol. 2
CD17 - Favorites - Baber, Grieg, Bach BWV 82 & 225
CD16 - Howlers Revised 2006 Dauprat Duets, Op. 14 & Mozart
CD15 - Richard Burdick, - J. S. Bach's Easter Oratorio, BWV 249
CD14 - Richard Burdick, Performs Dauprat’s Op. 8
CD13 - 64 Duets, Op. 132 part two #17-34
CD12 - Reveré by Victor Herbert
CD11 - 64 Duets, Op. 132 part one #1-16
CD10 - The Planets for solo horn, opus 19
CD 9 - Louis-Francois Dauprat Duos for Horns, Op. 13 vol. 1
CD 8 - Portal Solo Multi-phonic French horn In An Environment of drones & overtones.
CD 6 - "Richard Burdick with tape"
CD 5 - "Let Me Out
CD 4 - 4.5 INCH SINGLE Aaron Blumenfeld’s Sonata Horn  & Piano
CD 3  - H o w l e r s - Louis-François Dauprat’s 20 Duos for Natural
CD 2 - I Ching Arpeggios, Op. 99
CD 1 - Rebel with a Horn