Richard Burdick's I Ching Music

Romance for violin, horn and piano, Op.32

Richard Burdick
I Ching Music
Classical / Chamber music
Piano, Horn, Violin
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This work received numerous performance (maybe 9 or more) in 1996 with Anita Felix and Wolfgang Fetsh.

It is suggested that this work be performed in a set with:
Trio No. 1 for violin, horn and piano, Op. 31 (2:44)
Romance (or Legend) for violin, horn and piano, Op. 32 (4:35)
Minuet, trio and finale for violin, horn and piano, Op.83 (13:20)

RIchard O. Burdick writes: "Composer Richard O. Burdick’s Romance for violin, horn and piano, Op. 32 has a stillness that Mr. Burdick doesn’t do much to at all in his newer work. Since the time when Richard studied the music of Bach, he has come to believe that a steady underlying beat is very important. This work has a calmness that is created by long; non-moving tones and silence at the end of each phrase."

An AI generator took the above text and wrote this: "The violin and horn melodies are often similar, but the piano has a unique set of chords that move along with the other instruments. The horn solo in the middle of the piece is especially beautiful. The piece has a slow tempo that allows the listener to imagine a pastoral landscape, and the beautiful textures of the instruments create a peaceful atmosphere. The violin and horn create a sense of warmth and comfort, while the piano’s chords add a gentle sparkle and lift the piece. The simplicity of the piece is a testament to the impact that Richard O. Burdick’s Romance for violin, horn and piano, Op. 32 has had on the field of classical music. It is a timeless work that can be enjoyed by all generations and is one of the composer’s most enduring works. Its stillness and peacefulness will continue to captivate and move listeners for many years to come."

The above description is not correct, but it sure is a beautiful description of a nice piece of music.

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